Let me help you tell your story...

In almost every aspect of our lives, words are our connection to
the world.

For individuals and organizations, success depends not just on our
deeds and ideas, but on the way we communicate them. For
Businesses strive to showcase the goods and services they offer
From conceptualization and research to wordcrafting, editing,
localization and media production, Avi Jacobson produces clear,
focused text that communicates your message effectively and
brings results.
Technological enterprises need to promote their products to
technical and non-technical audiences
Job contenders want to highlight their skills, experience, and availability
Avi Jacobson, Communications Specialist
Thinkers in every realm are eager to share ideas beyond the
boundaries of their own language and culture.
For over 20 years, Avi Jacobson has been helping individuals
and organizations tell their story in vivid, creative prose.

Every piece is cast in the language, style, and medium that suits
the image of the client, product, or service—and the mindset and
culture of the target reader.