Avi Jacobson delivers a broad selection of conceptualization,
wordsmithing, and communication support services for individuals
as well as commercial and non-profit enterprises. These services
research, writing, editing, presentation services,
, and localization.
Avi Jacobson, Communications Specialist
Business and competitive intelligence and commercial information
Scientific and academic research
Statistical analysis of data
Compiling a research results report
Marketing Communications—Ad copy, brochures, white papers,
success stories, customer briefs, product and service spec sheets
Public Relations Materials—e-releases, news releases, press releases
Knowledge Acquisition—Training materials, courseware, manuals and
tutorials, multimedia presentations, e-learning modules
Technical Writing—Functional specifications, test and installation
protocols, user manuals, online help
Personal Marketing and Advancement—Résumés, cover letters, career
Business Documentation—Grant proposals and business plans; RFPs,
RFAs and RFIs; proposals; award submissions; business
Academic and Scientific Writing—Journal submissions, research
papers, masters and doctoral theses, books, chapters, conference
Proofreading—Meticulously scanning the text to eliminate
typographical errors, misspellings, and faulty punctuation
Copy editing—Reviewing your document for correct grammar,
spelling, and punctuation as well as proper, consistent style
Project editing—Comprehensive review to ensure grammatical and
stylistic consistency both internally and with other elements of your
documentation set
Translation and Localization
Avi Jacobson offers clients the benefits of more than 20 years’
professional experience as a translator and localization manager.

Aided by a network of trusted professionals, Avi Jacobson provides
comprehensive translation and localization services for a variety of
languages, including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese
and Hebrew.

The localization process extends far beyond the mere linguistic task of
translation, embodying complete adaptation of text and cultural content to
specific target audiences in specific locations. This includes
comprehensive recommendations for modifying products or services to
account for cultural differences in distinct markets.
Presentation and Multimedia Services
Creation of compelling multimedia speaker-support presentations
Speechwriting and coaching
Production of handouts, speaker notes, and other collateral and
support materials to complement the presentation
Voice Services
Voiceover, narration and voice acting services. Click here for details.